Small Groups

We’re not a church with small groups, we are a church of small groups! We believe that, like the early church, people need to be invested life on life, as they follow Jesus in step with the Spirit. Therefore, we meet in homes regionally to be united in the application of God’s word, persistent in prayer and consistent in love as we mission together. (Acts 2:42-47)


Make Disciples of Jesus, Like Jesus Did (Great Commission – Matthew 28:16-20)


Worship like Jesus, do Community like Jesus and do Mission like Jesus


Regionally based communities that are united weekly in the application of God’s word, persistent prayer and consistent love as they mission together.

The 4 Things We Do Together

Times & Locations

Times & Locations


  • Sunday 7:00pm (Doe Lake Rd & Hwy 11)
  • Monday 7:00pm (Muskoka Bay Blvd & Baypoint Court)
  • Thursday 7:00pm (Hwy 169 & Black Lake Road)


  • Sunday 7:00pm (Fraserburg Rd & Purbrook Rd)
  • Monday 6:00pm (Hwy 118W & Ziska Road)
  • Tuesday 7:00pm (Santa’s Village Rd & Spencer St.)
  • Tuesday 7:00pm (Meadow Heights Dr & Kevin Crescent)
  • Wednesday 7:00pm (Spencer St & Andrea Dr.)
  • Thursday 6:30pm (Tamarack Trail & Kildeer Crescent)


  • Wednesday 7:30pm (Hwy 141 & Old Muskoka Road)
  • Thursday 7:30pm (Hwy 141 & Patterson Road)

Parry Sound

  • Wednesday 7:00 pm (Blue Lake Rd & Sundog Rd)
  • Wednesday 7:30 pm (Bowes St & Oastler Park Drive)
  • Thursday 7:00 pm (Oastler Park Dr & Quebec Dr)


  • Tuesday 7:00pm (Old North Rd & Fowlers Rd)
  • Tuesday 7:00pm (Hanes Rd & Howland Dr)
  • Wednesday 7:00pm (Muskoka Rd 10 & Lynx Lake Road)
  • Wednesday 7:30pm (Fairyview Dr & Glenwood Dr)
  • Thursday 7:00pm (Glenwood Dr & Morgan Heights Dr)
  • Thursday 7:30pm (Allensville Rd & Hwy 11)

Port Carling

  • Tuesday 7:00pm (Hwy 118 W & Brandy Crest Rd)
  • Wednesday 7:00pm (Hwy 118 W & Whiteside Rd)
  • Wednesday 7:00pm (Hwy 118 W & Brandy Crest Rd)

Port Sydney

  • Wednesday 7:30pm (Mini Yo We Rd & Muskoka Rd 10)
  • Thursday 7:30pm (Muskoka Rd 10 & Bridgedale Rd)
  • Thursday 7:30pm (South Mary Lake Rd & Hwy 11)
  • Sunday 6:30pm (Ladell Heights Rd & Muskoka Rd 10)

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Discipleship Pastor

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